We believe that the role of the artist is to question and analyse, and ultimately provide a sense of catharsis and healing through our art. We are particularly interested in mental and emotional wellness issues, both on a societal and an individual level.

Our society is constantly on the go. We pride ourselves in being hardworking, we reward ourselves for our achievements, and we are always looking towards the horizon for the next best thing. Yet, we are witnessing a contradicting social and cultural phenomenon in society today. Despite the fact that we are constantly chasing for new goals in life, many people still feel lost, with no answers to the questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? In the hustle and bustle of our city, we always have places to go, people to meet. Yet our internal worlds seem to pale in comparison, and there are no maps to guide us through our complex emotional and mental landscapes.    

Feeling lost and purposeless leaves a person feeling emotionally and mentally disconnected. Through our works, we create experiences within a safe space to urge the audience to question and uncover the root and core of their personal truths. In doing so, they can get closer to answering the major questions in their unique and subjective realities, and hopefully start to make sense of their place in this big, vast world.

Mental Health Awareness

Suicide Prevention

Inspire society and individuals to be more connected and authentic