Mental and emotional challenges act like an invisible yet powerful force. It’s almost impossible to see them coming, and they always seem to hit us the hardest when we are the most vulnerable. It is difficult to trace the roots of our mental and emotional struggles. As a result, our most difficult problems in life are often layered, complex and hard to explain – even to ourselves.  

Mental health and wellness are more than just about the symptoms and labels. It is about addressing the personal challenges we face in life that causes us to feel distressed. This requires us to unpack the complex problems we face in life; problems that are deeply intertwined with the societal and cultural norms, family upbringing and social environment we live in. We recognize the need to take a step back to look at mental health issues starting at the fundamental aspects of our lives, and to have conscious and constructive conversations not only about the issues that weigh us down, but also strategies and solutions to uplift ourselves.

Today, the disruptions and uncertainty caused by the global pandemic and economic recession gives greater urgency to the mental health and suicide prevention cause. The long periods of isolation and increased socio-economic problems have put many people in painful circumstances. As a result, more people have been reaching out to psychiatrists, therapists and help hotlines since the onset of Covid-19. We believe it is important for us to do our part to raise awareness of mental health issues, rally mental health professionals together, and highlight the avenues of help available in Singapore, while we tide through this difficult period.


About This.Connect

This Connect is a platform to raise awareness and spark more conscious and forwarding dialogues on mental health and emotional wellness through art. We recognize the need to begin the mental health conversation by examining the personal struggles that weigh us down in life. These everyday stressors can seem insignificant on its own, but over a long period of time, it can make us feel trapped, lost, stressed and depressed. Through the dialogues, we want to inspire more people to connect with the emotional side of themselves, and to come to terms with the good and the bad within them. We want people to have the freedom to express their true selves, and to create a life where they are thriving physically, emotionally and mentally. We hope that our work will empower more people to seek help whenever they face challenges in life.

The Vision

Inspire society and individuals to be more connected and authentic with themselves and each other.

Our Partners

Temasek Trust Oscar@SG Fund
National Youth Council
Young Changemakers

Singapore Kindness Movemen

The Mission

  • Foster more conscious and forwarding dialogues and conversations on mental and emotional health
  • Through our art and conscious conversations, we want to foster greater public awareness on mental health issues from an individual to societal level.
  • Being present with the moment
  • We wish to create experiences for people to be present with the moments they have in life.
  • Active listening society
  • We hope to inculcate a more cohesive and tolerant community that practices active listening and co-creating safe spaces for one another.
  • Courage to be true to who you are
  • No one should be alone to deal with difficult emotions like shame, guilt, anger or sadness. We want to inspire people to have the courage to feel themselves inside out, and to live a life true to who they are – the first step in healing deeply repressed wounds.

Where to get help

Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline
If you are facing a mental health crisis, call this helpline or seek medical help at IMH’s 24-hour Emergency Services located in the hospital.

(65) 6389 2222 (24 hours)

Samaritans of Singapore
Round the clock emotional support for those in distress. This service is manned by trained volunteers.

1800-221 4444 (24 hours)

National Care Hotline
Call this hotline if you need someone to talk to about the issues that weigh you down, such as COVID-19 and its impact on your personal and family lives, on your jobs and livelihoods, and your future.

1800-202-6868 (8am-12am daily, from 1 Sep 2020)