Connection Without Sight

We are too used to judging a person by our sight. We judge people for their appearances, clothes, body language. So much so that many of us have lost touch our emotions and instincts, primal senses that give us important information to get to know another person. We grew up in a society that champion analytical and logical thought. What did the other person say? Why did they say it? Why didn’t they say anything? We seek answers about another person through analysis, failing to recognize that is only one part of the equation.

In this work, 2 strangers were blindfolded, placed back to back each other. When their blindfolds are removed, the only thing at their sight is a blank white canvas. In the 45 minute session, each of them is instructed to paint the essence of the other onto the blank canvas, having just met (without sight). They are given 3 sets of guiding questions constructed at different levels to go deeper, designed to put them in touch with their emotional centers.